Friday, September 24, 2010

To Type Or Not To Type

When William Shakespeare came up with the phrase " To Be Or Not To Be" (In Hamlet I guess), he infact summed up the dilemma (or inertia) which so many of us face.

Let me share few more similar instances:

  1. To say or not to say:This is a dilemma which I usually obsess about, after I have said things - so may be I should rephrase it- To have said or to have shut up. 
  2. To cook or not to cook: This is a predicament which I face on a daily basis after coming back from work. Maybe I should rephrase it - To microwave or To take out.
  3. To work or not to work: This is something which plagues me on Fridays (mostly). On a friday, it is my strong belief, that my brain goes into a daydreaming screensaver mode. Hmmm, It is usually a pleasant feeling where I stare into empty space with a glazed look & a dreamy smile, totally content to keep drifting till I punch in my 9.5 hours at work.
  4. To joke or not to joke: This is usually when I try to entertain my friends/acquaintances/colleagues with my lunch time routine. When you have slowly learnt the art of identifying pity laughs, you are atleast on the path out of this predicament.
  5. To exercise or not to exercise: This is what I struggle with every morning before I drag myself out of bed to head to this ultra expensive gym that I can barely afford.
Now, back to the title of this blog: To Type or Not to Type.
This is exactly the thought which goes through my mind, whenever I open my blog.

In addition to so many dilemmas/decision making scenarios that we face in life (fat-non fat, veg-nonveg, organic-inorganic, etc etc), I guess this one made me think/hesitate the most.

I mean, I deliberated on this question for 1.5 years! :)

Well, the most convincing argument that I had against typing down my opinions/thoughts/views is because I might be broadcasting irreverent/illogical/hopelessly weird views of mine to the rest of the world (How deluded can I get!!!)

But then, maybe it is worth it, if even one rare person out there reads my blog & actually chuckles or finds it wee bit entertaining.

So here goes, my first blog in 18 months & more to come (God save the readers!).....

- Sirisha


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  2. and yes.. i did chuckle.. and find it entertaining... :)... love to read more from you... :) thank u

    ---- rohit muni


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