Monday, December 5, 2016

Dec 5th - Rishi @ 3 - Major melt down at school

How should one deal with a child going thru a meltdown?
Today, seemed like any other day.
For the last 6 months, we have been house sitting at my parent's place- Vaswani Pinnacle, as we wanted Rishi to feel Ammamma's presence, while she is in the US.

So yesterday, we moved back with Ammamma sleeping over at Rosedale to let Rishi feel comfortable.

So I got up this morning feeling very relaxed , happy and contented to be back in our cosy little home which reflected my husband's excellent choice in interiors.

Too many things to clean up and sort as one would imagine.
But then, I enjoy the process of getting the home ready, cleaning up Rishi's toys, going around the house with a duster with a song in my heart.

I love the non-exciting days, absolutely love them. I am mindful of the fact that this too will pass & I shall miss tripping over Rishi's cars /hot wheels & washing his milk bottles.

Anyway, I digress. So here I was with a song in my heart and very happy.
I woke up Rishi with the usual chatter (Rishi - there is a huge yellow school bus parked outside - want to take a look? Rishi - can you hear that dog barking?) while oiling his skin ( he has very sensitive dry skin) & encouraging to brush his teeth.

We moved back to Vaswani & I quickly finished 30 minutes of Denise Austin's invigorating workout , while his nanny fed him breakfast. Got his box , water bottle , bag ready, still with a song in my heart.
Yet, no premonition of things to come.

First Rishi says he doesn't want to go to school. His nanny tries to tell him that we are going to shop instead. Then he says he wants to be carried (He is a tall boy for his age - we need to buy him clothes 2 sizes bigger).

Once we go to school, the meltdown begins. He begins pulling his nanny's hair , teacher's hair and scratches her cheek.
I am mortified!

At this stage in life, I am unusually calm with Rishi & am surprised by any such behavior from him as he is not used to any violent behavior either from his mom or dad!

What induces meltdowns?
It got me thinking. Am  I doing anything wrong?
I quickly whats apped my Sis in law (Divya- her son was  when I got married to her brother and Rishi has an uncanny resemblance to his cousin).
Arnav is so well behaved- maybe she can shed some light on what I can do better?

As of now still awaiting, her response. Called my mother in law and she is outside.
Will patiently await their response.

I will try reasoning with Rishi that school is good, school is fun.
Is it possible to convince a 3 year old that?
Anyway, one has got to live thru this moment.
Maybe I will think about this 15 years down the line when my nest is empty and chuckle over this.

Today is my day off work. Took some planned leave. My manager has asked me to take more days off (yes, I love her :) ) to recuperate, and I am actually considering it.

I feel so relaxed and happy today. I have quickly checked my outlook and set a few things in motion.

Talk more soon.

Hope you are having a good day too.

As always, Stay Happy!


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