Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Is my body being affected by my thoughts?

I have been reading quite some books of Deepak Chopra. I was made aware of a very fundamental truth. I am my thoughts in a very physical sense.
I just realised that every thought has a corresponding reaction on the body. When I am anxious or worried cortisol is pumped into my system. I was surpised to know that actual hormonal changes and body temperature related changes based on the thoughts flitting in my mind!

Since then I have been trying to make a conscious decision to stop and to be  aware of each and every thought and observe its reaction on the body. That is to some extent what Vipassana teaches. I realise that I am actually sweating unnecessary stuff. Nothing is worth hurting the body. Not the lost promotion. Not the delayed milestone. Not the rude person in the apartment. Or the person with road rage who has the magical ability to ruin the mood. Not the worries about the EMI or the pension plans or child's education plans. Or dilemmas about abscond child . Nothing is worth spoiling my health. 

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