Thursday, September 11, 2014

The day before TGIF

Such a beautiful day. Today I got back to working out after 5 days( in my defence 2 out of the 5 days were rest days- weekend) . Note to self: should be more regular.
I have always been very regular wih my workouts as I felt that physical healh is a necessary tool on my journey to know myself better.
Enough of mumbo jumbo.
Bought a rice cooker for parents for their marriage day this Sunday. This weekend promises to be interesting ~ Saturday- Rishi will get vaccinated against chicken pox. .Sunday- visit to Saibaba temple followed by lunch at some interesting place to toast to parent's marriage anniversary (35?)
Meanwhile I am really interested about my visit to Kerala. It will be so interesting to see how Rishi shall experience travelling by air and train( his first on either mode). I am lookin forward to unwinding and having an awesome time with family.

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