Sunday, August 10, 2014

Viral Viral go away!

Dear Reader:

So much has happened since we last spoke.
Firstly, how have you been? Hope the last two years have treated you well. 

I have news!!! I have been blessed with a baby boy on July 23rd 2013. His name is Rishi (derived from Si-risha - I know , I know, how egoistic of me - but after 49 hours of labor - I felt I can indulge myself :))

My life has become amazingly packed with fun, fatigue and very very --hmmm I am trying to find the right word-- colorful - varying from greys to pastels to vibrant colors.

Okay, now that you are up to speed, I truly want to say that I really really hope that you had a great time the last couple of years too!

Now, it is 22 54hours ( yes watching too much of JAG makes you spout military speak) and I am waiting for 15 more minutes before I warm another bottle (or reach out for paracetmol - a new mom's best friend) for my 1 year old who has been more or less under the weather (cough/cold/fever) since the last 12 days.
I am anti-antibiotics but had to finally bite the dust and started him on azee 100.
Given him lanzol to deal with the acidity. Waiting for the prescribed half hour - so that I can feed him without fear of him throwing up.( Folks in your twenties- go ahead and yawn- Been there done that!)
I have been reading Gospel of the Buddha by Paul Carus and also understand that this too shall pass and it is part and parcel of life to fall ill ( to grow old and to eventually die).

Call me crazily optimistic, but I really think that fever is a sign that the body is putting up a fight and I think Rishi's immunity will be boosted by this spell.

I really feel that this - viral illness thing has already over stayed its welcome (Rishi's dad flagged off on June 14th - I really dont know how I remember useless dates like these and forget names of really nice folks- and every one in the family including my parents and MIL have taken turns- twice!).

I know I know - what cant be cured needs to be endured.

I really wish I do not have to reach out to my Manager- Praveen ( He belongs to the endangered species of really nice managers which is fast becoming extinct) for another WFH request this Monday (Work from Home)- as I actually enjoy working at office better. Hope Rishi gets better (he has about 101 + fever as of now) but I would feel better WFH keeping track of his progress.

Here's wishing that you and your loved ones should escape from the 'viral' this season


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