Monday, August 11, 2014

102 degrees Fahrenheit

Rishi has been having fever since 36 hours now- by fever I mean High fever of 101+ temperature. It is not surprising that currently I am his least favorite person since the last couple of days. 
Amma is evil personified - according to Rishi as I am persistently giving him sponge baths or suctioning his nose, and pouring awful medicines down his throat- Basically giving him a hard time. Guilty as charged. 
So here is Rishi with his Ammamma on the way to see the Doc

His dad is driving while his mom blogs peacefully. The car feels like an oasis of peace and calm considering that we are navigating thru hopelessly dense traffic.

Or is it the calm before the storm? Hmmm... 
Doctor Nalini says we need to wait and watch till Wednesday EOD. 
What can't be cured needs to be endured :)
Will need to handle this with composure till the fever actually 'breaks'. 
Hope he and all kids who are under the weather get better pronto 

Deep breaths ....
Is refusing food and milk....
This reminds me to be more grateful for good health on good days- those days when everything is fine and yet I try to find reasons to feel irked- maid on leave or outlook crashing etc etc..

Days like today put things in perspective ,don't they?

Rishi with Daddy- post the visit. Temperature still at 101+

Update at 8 PM _ Fever is slightly down but his appetite is still not back.

Update as of Aug 12-10am - He still had a a fever of 102.5 this morning. His amma is very worried. And NO, no amount of reading the Gospel of the Buddha is comforting me right now.

Doc says I need to wait it out. Though I know with about 40 years of experience with kids (she is older than my dad) she knows best, I am still hoping she allows us to atleast get some tests done- for malaria or typhoid or hepatitis .

I am furiously googling thru the night in order to try and diagnose. Then I realise that there is a reason why Medicine is such an arduously long study and I am being a goose in trying to play 'House MD' (the new medical drama on Star World.

I am praying fervently. Wonder why there is a delay in God's response. SOS. 

Update on August 14th: Rishi is much better. Thanks for your well wishes and prayers. It appears to be a nasty virus. He still has a temperature of 99-100 but compared to the soaring temperatures of the last few days, feel very much relieved.

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